Sunflower Kitchens: AI Art Gallery

I’m still in love with images of bright, small, vintage-style, country-style kitchens. I adore cottage kitchen photos with valuables such as wooden shelves, glass jars, tea cups, fruit bowls, and simple things of that nature.

I’m currently working on a totally different project: ChatGPT story ideas featuring the life of sunflowers.
So in making it easier for my brain, these AI-generated cottage kitchen images will all have sunflowers.

Up first: The curtain colors are gorgeous. Looking through the window, to me it feels like a yard where children definitely have a great time. As you can see, some of the sunflowers are huge and not in proportion to realistic sunflowers. Thus, make it a story! Fantasy, fairytale, adventure, science…
Pictures are still worth a thousand words.
So for me, AI errors can be used to spark human imagination.

After printing this image, teachers can display it and use it as a story starter about sunflower sizes. Are the sunflowers magic? How did they get so large? Do they like their size?
Art teachers can print this image and have the students add some type of lemonade, cake or whatever they desire to that empty counter top in the center of the photo.

Here are some of our Fantasy Story Starters Starring Sunflowers:

Sunflower Serenity

Sunflowers Learning to Shine Where They Are Planted

Sunflowers Learning to Bloom Where They Are Planted

Sunflowers on a Journey

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