Zuri (Beautiful) Featured Artists: Over 1 Million People Reached

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Sanaa, Work of Beauty Program.
I will make a Facebook post about your art business or art-related business on my page Zuri
Zuri Statistics from November 20, 2022 through December 22, 2022.




Up to 1.8 million as of December 23, 2022


Facebook post structure:
-I will post 1 photo either in a square orientation, or vertical orientation. (I will determine the orientation based on the photo. The goal is to make sure all details of the artwork are present.

-Your photo can be watermarked, but please do not include any other text. The goal is for the audience to focus on your artwork. Facebook also knows when text is on an image, and it knows what the text says. In other words, they know when you are trying to draw traffic away from Facebook. Thus, too much text results results in lower reach. Plus, a part of my success with Zuri is via soft advertising, not direct advertising.

-1st short sentence will be my authentic emotion, or something to draw in followers.
-2nd sentence: Art title/description and your name
-3rd: Your link


This is the format structure that works. Terms such as “Buy now, order, free shipping, low costs” anything that gives FB the idea that you are trying to profit, will hurt the reach. Reach is already lowered by links. So adding sales terms triggers the algorithm to work against your post.


-Results vary. I make no guarantee that your post will get a lot of likes, comments, shares, link clicks, or sales. As stated in the videos above, it takes a combination of factors to see results. I’m sure this is something many of you may already know, as you are already probably established sellers. And to that I say congratulations because it is tough!
As stated in the videos, social media and frankly any form of advertising and promotion is unpredictable. Everything is a test. The only thing that I can guarantee is that I will post your work and integrate it into the system that works for Zuri.

Furthermore, Zuri consists of art from a variety of artists who have their own special touches. So the more your work is seen, the more certain followers may gravitate towards your work’s style. It may take people some time to click on your links, review your site and trust it. This is why I recommend engaging with the people who comment on your art. I believe that statistics show that people need to see the same ad 7 times before they take action. That’s not an exact science, but the bigger picture is that it takes repetition.

Refunds: Once your art is posted, a refund is not available.
After payment is received, your work will be scheduled and posted within the 2 week time frame I have set aside. A part of Zuri’s success is spacing out posts. I can’t just post randomly. There are a lot of behind the scenes strategies to follow, as I learned in this Grow Your Audience class here: https://pw639.isrefer.com/go/gya/MegansMom/

Scheduling posts is an art and science. I have to consider the time of the day, special events, other posts for the same day, style, repetition and so on. Once I’ve found a satisfactory spot for your work, I will email you the day and time, so that you can be possible be online to engage with commenters, and observe your statistics (likes, comments, shares).

I am actually not including statistics regarding the post that reached 1.6 Million people. That post was viral (viral as it relates to my regular statistics). Viral means temporary. However, the potential for a repeat is always there. But as I stated in the videos, it takes more than 1 post to make a difference in gaining traffic, getting customers, gaining followers etc. It takes a combination of consistent and well-thought factors to grow and sustain growth.

Now when and if the time comes where my reach is in the millions normally each month, then that will be reflected in the posting price.
As of now, our average is around 200,000 views per month.
Be sure to view the videos that show the reach and engagement for individual posts.

How to become a Featured Zuri Artist:
1) Use this form to send a link to your artwork. (Optional: specify the art title that you would like posted.)
2)If your art is a good fit for Zuri, you will receive an invoice of $30 per posting spot
3)After payment, I will notify you of the date and time that your work will be posted.
At this time I can only post work that is similar to the overall feel of Zuri Art & Gardens. Just browse through the Facebook page and you’ll predominately find art work that is family friendly, features women and children, and people of African or Black ethnicity.
The spirit of Zuri is uplifting art with a sense of peace and healing. Self-care and mental health is my foundation.

There is a countless amount of brilliant art featuring Black people, but even then it still may not fit into Zuri. I have very specific type of images that I prefer to post. Notice I don’t post celebrity art, social commentary art and so on. So when you contact me, if I can’t post the exact image you want, it’s possible that you may have other work that can be posted.

As time goes on there can be a variety of opportunities for a wider range of art, so still please stick around.

-Products related to children (such as books, hair accessories, clothing, dolls etc) also do well on Zuri. You’ll need an artistic type of photo to represent your work though
-Nature and landscape is gaining ground on Zuri

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