Proud Mom Cat T Shirt for Women


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Proud Mom Cat T Shirt for Women

This cat t shirt for women boldly and simply states, Proud Cat Mom. This cute cat tee has a cute, large cat paw and an outline of cat ears.

  • How can I be a good cat mom?
    Since being a pet parent has similar responsibilities and emotional labor of being a “regular” parent, I think an important step of being a good cat mom is to make plenty of room for self-care. Taking care of a life that’s dependent on you is a lot of work, whether that life has 2 legs or 4. A short, free, and simple activity such as coloring can help reduce stress and anxiety. We have a wonderful collection of free cat coloring pages that can help with focus, creativity, and relaxation. Hill’s Pet provides a lot of information about providing the best care for your cat.
    Cat mom tips:
    +Remove potential toxins from your home. This includes a long list of plants that can be harmful to pets.
    +Buy necessary supplies
    +Prepare the rest of your family
    +Prepare other pets
    +Be ready for a vet check-up
    +Have a plan for litter box training
    +Give them plenty of exercise
    +Don’t let them roam outside alone. Keep them inside unless you can supervise them

Dear meow lovers:

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