Motivational Dream Quotes: Mermaid Dreams


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Motivational Dream Quotes

Our motivational dream quotes are about writing your own story, following your dreams, and making your dreams happen. You may print them as journal pages or print them as quote art that can be framed and placed on your desk or wall.

Title: Mermaid Dreams
Type of Download: Quotes
Number of quotes: 3
Sizes you can print: 8×10, 12×18

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“Mermaid Dreams” Quotes 8×10 PDF
The paper size is 8.5″X11.” This is the size for printing at home or the library, and using the paper as part of a journal, worksheet, planner, letterhead etc.
PDF format is easiest for you to print at home.
Example of printing on standard size paper:

dream quotes

“Mermaid Dreams” Quotes 8×10 PNG

-If you want to use the quotes as framed art, then it is labeled as “8×10” for artistic and photographic standards.
-You can print on photo paper at home or you can upload the “mermaid quotes” image to a professional printing service.
-The PNG format is so you can upload the quotes to a printing company of your choice (Shutterfly, Vista Print) the list is absolutely endless. However, in most cases you cannot upload a PDF file to these companies. They accept JPEG or PNG.

Example of framed art:

“Mermaid Dreams” Quotes 12×18 PNG
(PNG) To print at a poster size of 12×18, you will need to use a print company.
Therefore, these images are in a PNG format because companies require your images be in PNG or JPEG.
-You will need to know how to work with zipped files. Large files are compressed or “zipped” so that they can be transferred easier.

Example of how these images can be printed and displayed:

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Photo Displays, Mock Ups, Samples

The photo mock ups are meant to give insight into how certain designs may look in decoration settings. Thus, the cropping, photo dimensions, and details of the photos may not be precise in some of the mock ups.

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Understand how to download the files
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Understand how to “unzip” the digital folder that these images come in
Are able to open a PDF file
Know how to upload a PNG or JPEG to a print company (such as Vista Print)
Have your home printer in sync with your computer
Have someone to help you in person if you need it

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