Cat Moms Cat T Shirt


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Cat Moms Cat T Shirt

What does cat mom mean?
Cats and dogs often have a whole hosts of humans living with them. Each person may have their own roles that they naturally fit into. For instance, my husband provides for Luna’s needs by making those grocery store runs when she’s low on cat food. He provides transportation to the vet when I’m too nervous to do because I hate seeing Luna upset. She hates the carrier and she hates car rides. Our daughter, as you can probably guess, is a laughing and playing partner for Luna.  But only when my daughter feels like it.

Our pets are well aware of our different movements and activities. So, you may be a cat mom or dad, cat parent, or pet parent if you are the primary one to clean the litter box, maintain the feeding schedule, attempt to give medicine, keep up with vet appointments and so on.

Dear meow lovers:

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