Merry Christmas Ladies Cute Cat Shirt

Merry Christmas Ladies Cute Cat Shirt
Personalized T-Shirt

Customized T-Shirt
To check out, you will be taken to our shop on a 3rd-party site. From there, you will be able to add your own text or even images to this shirt design. Or, you may choose not to add anything. There are a lot of customization options including different font styles, different font colors, and clip art. You also have a variety of vivid T-Shirt colors to choose from.

Whoever receives your T-Shirt gift will know that you put a lot of thought and effort into their personalized gift. And even if you choose to leave the T-shirt design as it is and not customize it, you will still be receiving a high-quality, soft shirt with a beautiful, detailed artistic print.

Dear Meow Lovers, we invite you to:


🖤Our designs celebrate cats and cat lovers

🖤Gifting a cat-lover or animal-lover with our shirts, will show them that you respect their love for animals

🖤Wearing positive black cat clothing can help end the bad myths about black cats

🖤Wearing your cat clothing may encourage someone to adopt a cat

🖤Save a Life!

Black Cats Are:

🖤Good Luck







Our Cute Cat Shirt details:

Style: Ladies Semi-Fitted Relaxed Fit Basic Tee
Brand: Fruit of the Loom
*Runs Small





How do you cat proof a Christmas tree?

-Cats hate the sound of Aluminum foil so you can put some Aluminum foil around the base of the tree

-Cats hate citrus smells, so put orange or lemon peels around the base of the tree

-Hang decorations high, and definitely skip the tinsel. This shiny, thin material is extremely dangerous to a cat’s intestines if swallowed

-Unplug lights when you’re not around and keep your cat away from wires and cords

-Do not put catnip gifts under the tree

-Place the tree in the corner to make it more difficult for your cat to climb

-Consider a smaller tree, because if it crashes, it’s safer

-If you have a real tree, do not let your cat drink the water in the base. Cover the base. View more details about how to keep your Christmas tree safe for cats.

“Live trees: Choose a Christmas tree with pet-friendly, pliable needles, such as a Douglas fir or white pine. Their needles won’t stick in your cat’s paws.” Source


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