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Women’s Cute Kitty Cats Shirt

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Insight to help foster a deeper appreciation of our cat, moon, and stars designs:

What does a black cat and moon mean?

Seeing a black cat during a full moon simply means that you saw a precious little feline with richly-saturated fur during a full moon. The cat was probably walking or roaming the area to defend his or her territory. Cats of all fur colors are very territorial and like to be extremely familiar with their environments, mark their territories and patrol their areas to be sure no other unfamiliar cats are in their areas.

+Gleti is a West African Goddess from the Dahomey Kingdom in Benin. Gleti is the mother of millions of stars.
+Mawu is a moon soul Goddess in West Africa.
+The Egyptians associated cats with the moon.

A Full Moon and Pets
“Moon phases influence the behavior of all living things, including humans. Gravity and light are the 2 forces that affect lunar power.
“Lions and other predators attack more during the week after a full moon.”
Cat on the Moon Meaning

Crescent Moon 
“Crescent moons (also called half moons) represent birth cycles and fertility, and may be worn to represent womanhood.”

Positive Things that Black Cats Symbolize
Good luck, fertility, protection against evil, good health, wealth, prosperity, revenge and so on. The negative, oppressive superstitions are abound. So when trying to change the narrative and share the positive side of what black cats symbolize, just think of Bastet, the cat goddess worshipped by ancient Egyptians. 

Other African societies also placed high value on parts of nature and many animals, including panthers.

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