Lady Tuxedo Cat with Yellow Butterflies Cat Tee


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This delightful cat drawing features an elegant black and white cat with yellow eyes. This sophisticated cat is known as a tuxedo cat. Tuxedo cats have black and white coat patterns, with the white portion being under their necks and chest; making it appear as if they are wearing a tuxedo. 😸 Being that this cat’s tail has a large white portion, she may not exactly be a tuxedo cat but she fits the bill close enough.
Most sites state that a cat should have a full black tail. Well, extreme details aside, just glancing at this phenomenal cat t shirt cat drawing brings a tuxedo to mind.

tuxedo cat

Some Famous Tuxedo Cats:
+Sylvester the Cat from Looney Toons
+Figaro (Minnie Mouse’s cat)
+The Cat in the Hat
+Socks the White House Cat during the Clinton Presidency

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