Black and White Cat: Butterfly World Cat Tee


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Ladies Cat Shirt: Butterfly World Cat Tee

This charming black and white cat is the center of a butterfly world full of fluttering pink butterflies. The type of cat in this T shirt cat drawing is called a tuxedo cat. A tuxedo cat is not a breed, but instead the term represents a their fur color pattern.

Is a tuxedo cat a rare cat?
No, these bicolor cats are not rare. If you’re like me, the rarity or commonality of a cat doesn’t define it’s value. They are all precious, unique souls.
Are tuxedo cats usually male or female?

“While ginger tabbies are predominantly male, and calicos and torties are most always female, tuxedo cats are just as likely to be male as they are female.” Fun Facts about Tuxedo Cats 


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