Pete the Cat Pumpkin Ideas: Sweet Pete

“Pete the Cat” is a cartoon cat created by artist, James Dean.

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9 “Pete the Cat” Book Titles

“Potty Time with Pete the Kitty”
“Pete the Cat’s Groovy Imagination”
“Making New Friends”
“Pete the Kitty: Ready, Set, Go-Cart”
“Snow Daze”
“Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes”
“I Love My White Shoes”
“Pete the Cat Saves Christmas”
“Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana”

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What happened to Pete the Cat?

Pete was a real cat who lived in a Georgia shelter. He was frail, but playful. Artist James Dean didn’t want a black cat because he thought they were bad luck. Pete however, was the only cat who was welcoming at that time in the shelter. After living with Dean for a year, Pete wandered away from home and was never seen again.
WOW this is so moving. My heart actually dropped down to my stomach. First, that the poor little cat had to be caged in a shelter. I know that’s the reality of so many animals but it breaks my heart. The animal shelter industry needs a complete overhaul as it relates to ethics and humane treatment. And for the little kitty to not be seen again after wandering away from home? I swear I’m going to cry and have dreams about this cat. I was hoping to read that he was fattened up, treated like a king and lived some long, fat 9 lives.
And maybe he did. Anytime a cat wanders from home, I like to think that they just took on another loving family to live happily ever after with.
Either way, Pete’s an angel now. Here’s to you Pete, 9 beautifully black hearts:

Source: The real story of Pete the Cat

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