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Who creates the art? Are you an illustrator? Who are the artists? What do you do? I am a digital art designer. I do not draw or paint. What I do is find graphics from other artists, purchase the appropriate license, and then use these graphics to create an original design. I take art elements

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Absolutely Smitten for Maine Coon Kittens

How do I entertain my Maine Coon kitten?+Cat wands+Tunnels+Cat ball toys+Electric toys that move a lot+Social interaction+Mental stimulation+Exercise When deciding on which toys are best for your cat, purchase toys that are related to the unique qualities of a Main Coon such as their high intelligence, playful nature, love for human interaction, desire for mental

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Subscribe & Save by clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button. You’ll be downloading our free mermaid journal pages;+Plus+ The password required to access our subscriber premium content. Enter your best email in order to receive our free download, which consists of:(1) “Planner and Notes” page, and(2) Journal writing pages with lines.Plus: the password needed to

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Orange Maine Coon Cats: As Serene as a Sunrise

Despite having “orange” in their name, these ginger-like cats are officially recognized as red Maine Coons by most cat associations.  Source Orange (red) coon cats have 6 different types of fur patterns. The link above explains the classifications of their fur patterns in great detail. It’s complicated, but, here are some pictures with descriptions of

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