Orange Maine Coon Cats: As Serene as a Sunrise

Despite having “orange” in their name, these ginger-like cats are officially recognized as red Maine Coons by most cat associations. 

Orange (red) coon cats have 6 different types of fur patterns. The link above explains the classifications of their fur patterns in great detail. It’s complicated, but, here are some pictures with descriptions of the fur pattern and classification:

Solid Red Maine Coon

Portrait of a red brown Maine Coon cat

Red Tabby Maine Coon

Portrait of an American Longhair kitten with beautiful red classic tabby fur, as he sits and looks at camera.

Red Tabby and White Coon

A red Maine coon cat sitting on the sofa near the tulip flowers at home

Red and White Maine Coon

Red and white long-haired cat sitting on a white painted wooden floor

Cameo Smoke Maine Coon

Cameo Smoke and White

To get an idea of what a cameo smoke and white coon cat looks like, just look at the cameo smoke cat above and just add white to it. LOL. Finding these photos was a lot of work, and I may have labeled some of them incorrectly. I’m learning as I go along, and until now, I didn’t realize the level of detail involved in determining fur patterns and classifications.

Below is a family of three red fluffy Maine Coon cats sitting on a green velvet chair:

Stylish luxury home interior in green and gold shades

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