Absolutely Smitten for Maine Coon Kittens

How do I entertain my Maine Coon kitten?
+Cat wands
+Cat ball toys
+Electric toys that move a lot
+Social interaction
+Mental stimulation

When deciding on which toys are best for your cat, purchase toys that are related to the unique qualities of a Main Coon such as their high intelligence, playful nature, love for human interaction, desire for mental stimulation, strong ability to hunt, muscular build, and love of water.Source

Be sure to check out this information to be prepared to provide your Maine Coon with the best care. Though they are playful, they’re still not toys. Regular-sized cats are already a hand full, so be sure to learn about the ways in which a Maine Coon’s larger size can bring more challenges.

Tiny angel: black kitten in the yard
Enchanting gray kitten, yellow flower
Mainecoon kitten
Precious “blue with white markings” Maine Coon kitten
Another one to make your heart skip a beat: cute “blue with white markings” Maine Coon cat kitten

If you’re wondering how these enchanting kitties above look gray, but are labeled as “blue,” then you should check out our post about “blue” Maine Coons. Their label is based on the Cat Fanciers Association.

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