Maine Coon Care: A Reality Check

Having pets is a huge responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Our furry family members are not here to serve us. They’re also not here to be treated (bred and sold) as products. They’re living beings. And they deserve the same level of respect as any other friend or family member that we care about.

A pet’s breed is a major factor in determining what extra responsibilities, benefits, expenses or other challenges prospective owners should be aware of. Though the list below is for Maine Coons, keep in mind that any cat breed has a laundry list of reality check requirements.

Maine Coon Central, as usual, does a brilliant job of explaining the pros and cons of having a coon cat. Before bringing a Maine Coon into your life, be sure you are familiar with the extra set of challenges listed below:

-Common health problems, such as his dysplasia, found in the breed
-Need more space
-More prone to matting and tangling
-Can be needy or clingy
-Require a high level of exercise
-Get bored easily and need high levels of mental and intellectual stimulation
-More expensive food and toy bill

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