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Is Pumpkin Good for Cats?

Plain, cooked, canned, unseasoned pumpkin is a great source of fiber for cats. Pumpkin is full of nutrients such as Potassium, Vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc. Some veterinarians suggest pumpkin as a way to alleviate a cat’s constipation or help with other GI issues. Gradually introduce your cat to this tasty, healthy treat.

Tips: Raw pumpkin is difficult for cats to digest. Raw pumpkin is also slimy and has a texture that your cat might not be pleased with.
Thus, be sure to stick with plain, canned pumpkin and do so in moderation. Cats are meat-eaters, so even though pumpkin is good for them, it should be treated as a treat. Always ask your veterinarian or simply do tons of reading for yourself before giving any new “human” foods to your cat.

According to PetMD, “Keep in mind that you should not serve the stem, skin, or pulp of a pumpkin to your cat. These parts of the pumpkin simply don’t have a high enough nutritional value to be beneficial for your cat. It is also best to avoid feeding leftover jack-o-lantern, as it may have rotted by sitting outside too long. Plain canned pumpkin is the best option for your pet, and will stay fresh in the refrigerator up to about a week after opening.”
Can Cats Eat Pumpkin?

Yay! Safety first! So, now that we know that pumpkin is safe for cats, let’s enjoy these enchanting black cat and pumpkin photos:

Do black cats bring good luck?

Of course they do; especially if you are a truly worthy animal-lover. In Asia and Europe, black cats bless marriages, keep evil away, and bring wealth. Ancient cultures in Africa were honored to keep black cats in their homes. This is because they believed that Bastet the Cat Goddess would protect their home, and bring fertility among many other blessings.

In various parts of the world, black cats are believed to:
+Bless marriages
+Bring success
+Keep bad energy away
+Bring a plentiful harvest
+Lead to treasure
+Give sailors safe travels

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

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