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Free Cat Coloring Pages: Clever Kitties

We have a diverse collection of free cat coloring pages which include mandalas, floral patterns, geometric patterns, realistic cat coloring pages and more.

Most of the coloring pages I post consist of a lot of detailed patterns and fine shapes. Thus, they are primarily cat coloring pages for adults even though older children may enjoy them as well.

Why does coloring make you happy?

Coloring helps you focus on a single, restful, and creative task. It helps induce a meditative state.
According to WebMD, here are 7 advantages to coloring:

  • “Relaxes Your Brain and Improves Brain Function.
  • Induces Meditative State.
  • Improves Motor Skills.
  • Improves Sleep.
  • Improves Focus.
  • Reduces Anxiety.
  • Relieves Stress.”
To download these cute cat coloring pages simply click on the image; and you will be led to either Pinterest or to the original website that has the full-sized coloring picture for you to print.

 “Wise cat on a pillow” makes a unique cat coloring sheet to print at home:

Free cat coloring page to print, color and adore : Little cute kitten with complex patterns

This wise cat makes a purrfect printable cat picture:

Elegance is the name of this clever cat coloring sheet:

A beautiful butterfly resting on a smiling cat’s tail, and an array of flowers complete this nature coloring page:

Playing kitty cat coloring page

Zentangle coloring page:

Portrait of a printable cat coloring page which features a cat with a realistic art pattern:

Mandala Art

The exquisite patterns on these free cat mandala coloring pages are sure to keep you engaged. Find the coloring tools that suits you best; however, many people prefer to use color pencils or gel pens because of their fine point tips.

What does Mandala art do?
A Mandala, or circle, is a visual representation of one’s deep thoughts and spirituality. Geometric symbols are used to focus one’s attention. “The image first appears in India via the Hindu text known as the Rig Veda.”
Mandala art is primarily created for meditation purposes.

World History: Mandala

What colors do you use for Mandalas?
Create a harmonious color scheme and stick to it. Since there are many detailed geometric patterns, it is best to break down the art work into similar parts. Trying to absorb all of the details can be overwhelming.
For a bold and vivid color scheme, consider pairing the primary colors such as red, green, and yellow. Pairing blue and green is shown to represent a less tense effect. However, there are no color rules written in stone. Let your emotions be the guide to which color to choose at the time. Also use the artistic color wheel as a guide. Remember that different colors mean different things to everyone.

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