Welcome and FAQ

Who creates the art? Are you an illustrator? Who are the artists? What do you do?

I am a digital art designer. I do not draw or paint. What I do is find graphics from other artists, purchase the appropriate license, and then use these graphics to create an original design. I take art elements (for instance, a blue flower), and add text, backgrounds, other images and so on until I have created a unique design.
The other type of art I have recently begun to work with is AI generated art. Some of the artwork is generated by other people, and some is generated by me.

Where are you located?

I do not have a physical store location.
However, these are the websites where I have online stores:

Do you do customizations, art for children’s books, or commissions?
I do not.

Tell me more about yourself? What is your background?

Well these are not questions I expected to receive, but that is totally fine. I’d love to answer, but I will keep it short because I can go on and on way too long.
The most defining thing I want anyone to know is that I’m an auntie and a mom. :+) I have a wonderful husband and our daughter is our world.
I have a mom blog here dedicated to her and my life as Megan’s Mom. It’s a new blog but stick around, man, there are a million things I can’t wait to add!
I loved growing up in the 1980’s: hop scotch, jump rope, hide go see, four square, dance routines, bike trails, racing in the street, skating, you name it. So fun, all Black safe neighborhood before the epidemic hit.
I excelled very well in school, won many academic awards, and achieved many academic goals. Healthcare science was my specialty but let me tell you it’s been so long since I was in school. I’m beyond rusty but I love science.
I have a photography background, which is what led me to learning about digital art and design.
I was a freelance writer. As a former activist and child advocate, I used my teaching background to start an African Education Program from 2015 to 2018.
Obviously, I love cats and other animals. This blog was initially all about black cats; however, I have a little bit of everything going on now.
That’s okay, black cats still rule here!! :+) And they know it, lol.

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