Egyptian Black Cat Paintings: Golden Goddess Art

These images are not to be confused with actual artifacts or historical  images. These Ancient Egypt Black Cat Paintings are the modern day artists’ interpretation of cat royalty in ancient Egypt.

Spiritual Black Cat Names

Astral (feminine): means “space”
Anastasia (feminine): means “one who will be reborn”
Aura (feminine): defined as “a luminous field that envelops all beings”

  • Atropos (masculine) (Greek origin) means “fates”
  • Cherub (masculine and feminine) means “an innocent being.” And yes truly, cats and other animals are all so innocent even if they don’t really act like it. (lol)
  • Chimera (masculine) and defined as “body of a goat, head of a lion”
  •  Chakra (feminine): means “spiritual, physical”, and emotional horizons
  • Elijah (masculine) (Hebrew origin) means “the lord is my God”.

Best Spiritual Cat Names

What does a black cat symbolize in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptians believed that black cats kept evil away! Black cats symbolized good luck, prosperity, fertility and basically all things feminine and fierce. The ancient Egyptians believed that the cat goddess Bastet, would favor their household and bring protection and good health to the women and girls in households that had a cat, including a black cat. “Bastet was popular among both men and women since every man had a daughter, wife, or mother who benefitted from the protection of the goddess.”

Though colorism spans thousands of years, it is my understanding from my readings that black cats were not considered evil or bad luck until the concept of “race” became established and enforced beginning around the 15th century or so. Yes, the inhumane way that human beings are categorized stands as the main source of venom against black cats, black birds, blackness and so on.
“Black” which is not even a color but is simply the absorption of all colors, had to be condemned on every level of life.
Oh, the inhumanity!

I Said What I Said

I stand corrected as to the exact time period when people idiotically started to associate black cats with negativity. According to HistoryofYesterday, they state: “In 1233 AD, Pope Gregory IX, head of Catholic church, declared black cats to be an incarnation of the Devil himself.”

So actually this idiocy started even before the concept of human races was created. But as I stated, colorism dates back to the earliest AD years, and around this time, dark people were already being enslaved and oppressed in some parts of the world.

The mistreatment that black cats received resulted in Europe not having enough cats to control the rodent population. Thus the Black Plague was born and wiped out 1/3 of Europe. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t all wiped out. Then, black cats and people around the world could have been better off all these centuries later. Tragically, the colorist myths live on and on.

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