Egyptian Black Cat Art: Made for Royalty

I have always loved the song Black Cat by the legendary Janet Jackson. Here are some facts about the song:
🖤The rock song is the only song on the Rhythm Nation album that was written entirely by Janet.
Even though she didn’t win a Grammy, “she did become the first artist to earn nominations across Pop, Dance, Rock, Rap, and R&B categories when “Black Cat” was nominated.”
And I will add, that she should have definitely won many awards and not just be ‘nominated.’ I am, however, definitely at the stage of my life where I’m radically anti-Hollywood. And I don’t put any stock into who some boring, talentless committee choose to give an award to.

🖤She used a real black leopard during her concerts until some fans became concerned about the cat’s welfare. She stated that she’s an animal-lover who made sure the cat was well taken care of. However, she did not want to upset her fans so she removed the cat from her shows.
🖤Jimmy Jam stated that he told her that he wanted her to sound like a Rock N Roll queen on the song. She nailed it in two takes according to Jimmy Jam.

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