Easy Cat Pumpkin Decorations

In an effort to promote the innocence of black cats, I’m all about non-scary Halloween decorations; or completely leaving out the Halloween and black cat trope. However, since pumpkins are already adorable, it’s easy to combine them with cats and create decorations that are colorful, cute and charming.

Image below: colorful and friendly Halloween cats; my goodness these are adorable!! I also love how they are displayed next to gorgeous flowers.
Pumpkin of Kittens
No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas
How to Make Kitten Pumpkins:
40 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids
Pete the Cat
Grumpy Cat

Not Scary, Just Sweet–Autumn and Pumpkin Cat Tees: Our Women’s Black Cat T Shirts

🖤Help a precious cat live its best 9 lives!
🖤Our blog posts and cat art designs are meant to celebrate black cats as the innocent beings they are.
Thus, our art designs pair black cats with such treasures as butterflies, the moon, the stars, hearts, flowers, and so on.
🖤When you make a purr-chase with us, (and wear it, display it, or give it as a gift); you are putting out positive and powerful imagery to help destroy the wicked myths surrounding cats, especially black cats.
🖤Even if one person views your art and realizes how black cats purr-fectly blend in with all other lovely aspects of life; this could help them reject the oppressive teachings that luck and goodness are tied to color.

Cute Black Kitten in Pumpkin Cat Tee
Cute Black Kitten in Pumpkin Cat Tee

Black Cat Art Cat Tee
Black Cat Art Cat in Pumpkin Cat Tee

Black Cat Pumpkin Gift Cat Tee

Kitten in Pumpkin Cat Tee

Pumpkin Heart Cat Tee

Cute Cats in Pumpkins: Gallery

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