Create a Cat Using these Purr-recious Black Cat Pictures

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Note: Please be sure that you already know how to use Photoshop or similar editing programs in order to download these images and create your own digital art designs. At this time, tutorials are not provided.

Black Cat Art: Black Cat Pictures of Gorgeous Cats and Kittens Walking, Standing, Playing, Sitting and so on

*This set is composed of 20 high resolution pictures of black cats
*The transparent PNG files make it very easy to use these images in your own designs, with any kind of background.
*You will find a variety of black cats, from kitten to adult, in different poses

20 Black Cats - Cut-out Pictures

20 Black Cats – Cut-out Pictures BUY AND DOWNLOAD NOW!

Design Tips

Create a cat design full of joy, playfulness and cuteness by pairing any of these black cat pictures with another background, another animal, a tree, bird and so on. Your imagination is the limit. Before I
begin a design, I like to a have a general theme in place, and then, I try to think of what type of emotion I would the design to evoke in people.
It’s great to narrow your focus, otherwise you let the art work overwhelm and control you, rather than you staying focused and thus productive.
The possibilities of what to design are endless. And, that endlessness can easily turn into extreme overwhelm.

So as an example, let’s say the theme is pairing black cats with pumpkins and Autumn.
What type of emotional response would you like to convey in people who see your design? Very often, we’re used to something along the lines of “Halloween” when thinking of black cats and pumpkins.
However, my mission is to pair black cats with all types of other important, every-day items and experiences.
So use these precious pumpkin graphics below if you would like to make people feel these type of emotions when they view your black cat and pumpkin designs: joy, fun, warmth, innocence and so on.

Create A Cat

Take a “black cat cut out picture” above and create a unique, warm and whimsical environment for the cat by adding it to pumpkin graphic designs such as these below:

SALE Pumpkins - Autumn Mood

Pumpkins – Autumn Mood BUY & DOWNLOAD NOW!

Some of the precious cats from the above “20 Black Cats High Resolution Cut-Out Pictures” would look great inside of this wreath below:

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