Create A Cat: Black Cat Art Pumpkinville Clipart

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Note: Please be sure that you already know how to use Photoshop or similar editing programs in order to download these images and create your own digital art designs. At this time, tutorials are not provided.

Create a new spin on the traditional black cat and pumpkin aesthetic by adding these whimsical, wonderful and wholesome pumpkin patches to your beautiful black cat designs.
Choose the cat from the “Black Cat” clipart collection, choose the pumpkin, a background and then any other graphics to create a whole new world of beauty, fun and wonder.

13 Black Cats, patterns and cards

DOWNLOAD NOW: 13 Black Cats, patterns and cards

Pumpkinville Image Clipart

DOWNLOAD NOW: Pumpkinville Image Clipart

“This is a digitally hand rendered Pumpkin themed clipart collection designed by Annie Lang. Mix and match any of the included 20 images to create your own Pumpkinville village collectibles! You’ll find 2 large pumpkin houses, a teapot with matching mug and teabag, pumpkin basket, pumpkin cart, mini pumpkin sign, 2 pumpkin headers 4 various sized pumpkins, pumpkin border, 2 small crows, 2 pumpkin welcome sign scenes with one blank for personalizing and a peeping pumpkin cutout”

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