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Cats and Christmas Trees: Holiday Tips

How do you cat proof a Christmas tree?

-Cats hate the sound of Aluminum foil so you can put some Aluminum foil around the base of the tree
-Cats hate citrus smells, so put orange or lemon peels around the base of the tree
-Hang decorations high, and definitely skip the tinsel. This shiny, thin material is extremely dangerous to a cat’s intestines if swallowed
-Unplug lights when you’re not around and keep your cat away from wires and cords
-Do not put catnip gifts under the tree
-Place the tree in the corner to make it more difficult for your cat to climb
-Consider a smaller tree, because if it crashes, it’s safer
-If you have a real tree, do not let your cat drink the water in the base. Cover the base.

View more details about how to keep your Christmas tree safe for cats.

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What type of Christmas tree is safe for cats?

“Live trees: Choose a Christmas tree with pet-friendly, pliable needles, such as a Douglas fir or white pine. Their needles won’t stick in your cat’s paws.” Source

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