Cat Pumpkin Drawing: Cat on Tall Pumpkin Patch

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The Cat Pumpkin Drawing print below features a sweet and fluffy cat with bright orange eyes to match those colorful pumpkins in this impressively precious pumpkin patch. Though the kitty looks serious, it seems he/she had a fun time climbing to the top of these stack of pumpkins. It’s as if the kitty is saying, “Hey, look at me. You know I’m the best jumper and climber around. So did you expect me to just look at these pumpkins from the ground. I don’t think so!”
Rather than just being Halloween art, this precious pumpkin cat art fits well for the entire Autumn season.

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Black Cats Are:
🖤Good Luck


Where Do Black Cats Mean Good Luck?

In Japan, China and much of Asia, black cats are revered as a symbol of posterity.
The horridly harmful hateful beliefs that black cats are evil, started in the Middle Ages in Europe. This evil and basically, racist, belief is a rooted in the European demonization of darkness. In pre-Christianity times and in other parts of the world, black cats were considered good luck, protectors, spiritual guardians and worthy of the respect of ancient goddesses such as Bastet, the Cat Goddess.

Cute Cat Tees: Women’s Black Cat Pumpkin T Shirts

🖤Help a precious cat live its best 9 lives!
🖤Our blog posts and cat art designs are meant to celebrate and normalize black cats as the precious, innocent, divine beings that they are.
Thus, our art designs pair black cats with such treasures as butterflies, the moon, the stars, hearts, flowers, and so on.
🖤When you make a T-shirt purr-chase or other purr-chases with us, (and wear it, display it, or give it as a gift), then you are putting out positive and powerful imagery that the world needs must see in order to diminish the wicked myths surrounding cats, especially black cats.
🖤Even if one person views your art and realizes how black cats purr-fectly blend in with all other lovely aspects of nature and life, this could help them reject the oppressive teachings that luck and goodness are tied to color.

Black Cat Art Tall Pumpkin Patch Print
Cool Cat Shirt Black Cat Chilling with Pumpkins

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