cat mom gift ideas

Cat Mom Gift Ideas that are Paw-sitively Precious

Pet Portrait Necklace

Pearl Cat Earrings

Shiro Cat Light

Cat Succulent Planter

Cooking For Cats-A Cookbook with vet approved meals


Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

Folding Cat Tower

Fat Cat Big Mama’s Lappy Toppy Cat Toy

Aromatherapy Soy Scented Candle for Pets

Cat Scratcher Lounge

Walter Chandoha. Cats. Photographs 1942–2018

Cat Sequin Pillow

Pet Photo Pillow

Cat Mom Garden

Shopping for a cat parent who loves gardening? Well, give the gift of knowledge, kindness and a deep respect for all life to go along with your gifts.

If you’d like for your cat or other cats to join you in your garden, here are some tips on how to create a cat-friendly garden:

+Make sure there are no holes or loose fencing where a cat can become trapped
+Keep in mind that even organic pesticides and insecticides can be harmful
+Make sure you don’t have toxic plants to cats such as daffodils, tulips and many more. Lilies, all types of lilies, are noted to be the most poisonous to cats, so be aware.
+Create a hiding spot for them
+Plant goodies that they love such as catnip, lemongrass, valerian, cat thyme, cat grass, honey suckle, and spider plants

Cat Mom Shop

Our Best Mom Ever Black Cat Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday T Shirt features a statuesque black cat silhouette. The cat’s long tail warmly encloses a red heart. The words, Best Mom Ever creatively feature a red heart in place of the letter “O.”
Go Shop! Best Mom Ever Black Cat T Shirt

Along with the religious definition, “faith” also means confidence, hope, and trust. It is an honor that our pets have faith in us. Our Women’s Faith Angel Black Cat Shirt design is made of a divine black cat with angel wings, a halo and heart. This angelic cat also has a long tail and whimsical whiskers. This faithful furry friend is looking upward at its halo. I wanted it to appear that the cat was looking ‘up at faith’ so I moved the word ‘faith’ over as much as I could so that the top of the letter ‘f’ could appear over the cat’s head.

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