cat lady coloring page

Adult Cat Coloring Pages for the Creative Cat Lady

Large Coloring Cat Poster

This is so neat! You can add color to a large, poster-sized cat print. And then frame it or display it however you like. This relaxing activity is a creative coloring project for all ages. “Art-quality posters can be framed and displayed. Use markers, colored pencils, paint, gel pens, or crayons.”

This elaborate design and illustration is by Marjorie Sarnat. This exquisite cat coloring page is adorned with flowers, ribbons, and butterflies.
“Pampered Pets” Coloring Book by Majorie Sarnat

Oh my gosh this cat family coloring page is so precious and purrfect. What a joy this artwork brings, even before starting the coloring!
“These delightful pets are ready to be colored. Pampered Pets features an overflowing multitude of animals — cats, dogs, pigs, bunnies, turtles, horses, and more — in 49 intricate line illustrations.”
Also from the “Creative Kittens” Coloring Book by Marjorie Sarnat

The heartwarming animal coloring page below features kittens sitting on a duck. The sun, cat tail plants, flowers, and grass delightfully complete this nature coloring page.

Did you say kittens in a hanging plant basket? Awe. Absolutely magical! I would have a blast working on these kitty coloring pages.

Cute kitties in a hot air balloon amongst the stars, clouds and sun; I have to say it’s extremely difficult to get any more lovely than this! I can just imagine the smiles as my daughter and I enjoy our cat coloring. There is so much impressive detail to these cat prints.
Mandala Cat
Pusheen Cat Coloring Pages

Pusheen is a cartoon character comic strip cat that was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. This fantastic famous cat is a light grey, tabby cat that is pleasantly pump.
Is Pusheen a boy or girl? describes this famous feline as a female who loves blogging, snacking, and going on adventures.
Who is Pusheen’s mom?
What is Pusheen’s dad’s name?
What does Pusheen like to eat?
Pizza, pie, cookie though, ice cream, spaghetti noodles, biscuits
What is Pusheen’s birthday?
February 18th
Who is Stormy Pusheen?
“Stormy is Pusheen’s little sister and best friend. Her hobbies include adventuring, intellectual pursuits, and grooming herself. She idolizes Pusheen and does her best to be a comparable role model to their little brother, Pip.”

Pusheen Cat coloring sheets
Unicorn Cat Coloring Page

Butterfly Buddies: Cute Cat Coloring Pages with Butterflies

The title of this kitten coloring page is “Kitten in a Rose”

“Cat Playing with Butterfly” by NadiiaZ Floristic

Heart-warming butterfly coloring page

A beautiful butterfly resting on a smiling cat’s tail, and an array of flowers complete this nature coloring page:

Cat and Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Butterfly on smiling cat’s nose

Cuddly kitties coloring pages by Marjorie S.

Butterfly World

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