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Title: Maine Coon Cat Owner’s Manual
Author: Elliott Lang

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Title: 101 Uses for a Maine Coon Cat
(I prefer to think of this as, 101 Jobs for a Maine Coon Cat)

Their awesomeness goes beyond their beautiful, fancy appearance. These friendly felines need a lot of activity and are good at lots of different jobs. They’re highly intelligent and have a lot to offer to any owner who will treat them with the best loving care ever.
“Maine coons can serve a wide range of duties beyond simply being your adorable companion. Whether you need a boot warmer, piano tuner, or even a dog-sitter, the coon cats in this collection are willing and ready to help out their owners in any way they can.”

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Title: Marvelous Maine Coons
Author: Pam Scheunemann
Genre: Children’s Book

Anything labeled as a “children’s book” is still very informative and entertaining for people of all ages. This book provides colorful details and illustrations about coon cats’ facial features, fur coats and more. It even gives a checklist so that readers can check if these active cats are for them.

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