Blue Maine Coon Cat Paintings: Royalty at its Finest

Can a Maine Coon be blue?
Amazingly yes. Since brown cats are rare, I certainly would have never believed that a blue cat can exist. Furthermore as a gardener, blue is not a natural color that grows in regards to flowers and plants. According to Maine Coon Central (as well as many other sources), blue Maine Coons have been bred in many blue or grey shades. The Cat Fanciers Association classifies all those shades under the main color of “blue.”
On a personal note, as I’ve stated before, I do not support breeding animals unless it relates to protecting endangered species or is for medical purposes to save another ailing animal that needs an organ or something.

Petskb states, “Blue is the official coat color for what we view as a grey (or gray in American English) cat. It’s not a bright blue like the sky but a definite grey color with a bluish tinge.”

Okay, that clears it up a bit. Remember, I’m writing many of these posts right as I’m learning, lol. Coming into this post, I also knew that there are no true blue eyes either. Blue eyes are a result of a lack of melanin pigment in the eye. So the “blue” we think we see, is due to light reflection and wavelengths. Well, the same thing applies to blue water and the blue sky.

So okay, that is why I started the above post by saying that blue is rare color to appear in nature.
Either way, “Blue Main Coon” sounds so darling and royal. Let’s take a look at how some artists interpret the beauty of a blue Maine Coon

First, the real life cats labeled as blue. (More photos to come)
A Blue Smoke Maine Coon


 The Blue Blood series | Sphinx, Thai (Siamese), British, Scottish Fold, Persian, Maine Coon is a series of miniature abstract paintings on a blue background by Aliya Bagmanova

Elegant cat pop art in vector style

Blue cat pop art by artist James Ahn

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