Black Cat Paintings Worth Purring About

Black Cat Paintings

OMG the precious cats below are so adorable. What a phenomenal painting titled, “Cats’ First Date” by Ryan Conners.
These little lovelies should have a wonderful life together, with many kittens.

This phenomenally festive black cat art is titled, “Christmas Cats” by Arline Wagner. I especially love their long, glorious tails.

Love Cat! Cat Love. A cheery black cat surrounded by flowing red hearts:

Mystic Medusa

Awww, look at this affectionate cat in this wonderful artwork titled “Love Rains Down.”

This butterfly and cat art titled, Bluebells, beautifully displays a sleeping black kitten with blue butterflies and blue flowers. So adorable!

Close-up profile art of a black cat with green eyes. As with all of these images, if you would like more information simply click on the image and it will lead you to Pinterest; and then the original website of the artwork.

Do Cats Feel Love?

Cats most certainly feel love. This primarily applies to cats who have an established relationship with humans. Though feral, or wild cats, have not bonded with humans, they certainly still feel love for their kittens. Cats’ brains have a lot in common with the human brain. They are a highly intelligent group of people, I mean pets (lol) who can make the most of their time in the wild and time in the living room all in the same day.
Here are some signs that your cat loves you:
they give you head butts, they follow you around, they sleep near you, they fluff up or “knead” (move their paws up and down as in fluffing up a pillow), they look at you, they rub against your legs, they want to play with you, and they purr around you.
Of course, this is not an exact science, so don’t worry if your cat doesn’t do everything on this list. If you’re concerned as to whether your cat loves you, talk with your vet, vet assistants, and other pet owners. Also, do much more online reading as well as book readings if you have any concerns about your cat’s happiness.

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