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Here is a list of 22 top cat goddess names to help you name your furry family member:

Gull refers to the “immortal goddess”. This name is ideal for free-spirited bubbly cats.

-Hiln meaning “spirit goddess”.

-Idun means “Goddess of youth”.

-Kara means “pure”.

-Meili is ” the lovely one”.

Nanna means “Earth Goddess”.

Saga meaning “Goddess of prophecy”.

– Skadi meaning “Goddess of hunting”. And boy do they love to hunt. I have to rescue so many lizards, frogs and salamanders off my patio.

-Aelurus referring to the “sacred cat in Egyptian Mythology”.

Amenti means “Egyptian Goddess of the Land”.

Amunet referring to the “Goddess of mystery”. And we know that cats are very mysterious. You never know what you’re gonna get when it comes to their mood.

-Anippe referring to the “daughter of the Nile”.

Ariadne referring to the “Goddess of childbirth”.

Mekel meaning “fierce devourer”.

-Neferetti meaning “queen of Egypt”.

-Pakhet meaning “the one who scratches”.

Phoenix meaning “mythological bird”.

Tivali meaning “gift of God”. This was  Cleopatra’s cat’s name.

Anukis meaning “patron deity of River”.

Auset meaning “Goddess of rebirth and magic”

Bastet meaning “Egyptian Cat Goddess”

Bast meaning “a warrior cat Goddess”

Top Cat Goddess Names of Egypt

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