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$25 per post
You can sign up for more than 1 spot.
Current month: April

Statistics for previous month, March 2023

I will make a Facebook post about your art business or art-related business on my page Zuri Art and Gardens.
Zuri’s statistics from November 2022 through December 22, 2022.

Observe how link clicks (to another website) are typically much lower than overall reactions. This is partially because Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook. They have nothing to gain by us taking people off of Facebook. So, the algorithm is a factor.
Thus, it takes a lot of strategic repetition to generate consistent traffic from Facebook.

Facebook content creator

Facebook Post Structure

-I will post 1 photo either in a square orientation, or vertical orientation. I will determine the orientation based on the photo. The goal is to make sure all details of the artwork are present.

-Your photo can be watermarked, but please do not include any other text. The goal is for the audience to focus on your artwork. Facebook also knows when text is on an image, and it knows what the text says. In other words, they know when you are trying to draw traffic away from Facebook. Thus, too much text can result in lower audience reach.

What I Will Write:

-1st) A short sentence or short statement which will be my authentic emotion, or something to draw in followers.
-2nd) Art title or description and your name
-3rd) Your link

This is the format structure that works for Zuri. Terms such as “Buy now, order, free shipping, low costs” anything that gives FB the idea that you are trying to profit, will hurt the reach. Reach is already lowered by links. So adding sales terms triggers the algorithm to work against your post even further.


-Results vary. I make no guarantee that your post will get a lot of likes, comments, shares, or link clicks. I make no guarantee that your post will generate traffic or sales.
-It takes a combination of factors to see results. Many times, making a social media post is just one part of an entire machine you have to be operating.
-Social media and frankly any form of advertising and promotion is unpredictable. Everything is a test. The only thing that I can guarantee is that I will post your work and integrate it into the system that works for Zuri.


-Once your art goes live on the page, a refund is not available.
-After payment is received, your work will be scheduled and posted within the 2 week time frame I have set aside. If you change your mind, you can request and receive a refund. But, once your art is posted, a refund is not available, even if you request for your work to be removed. I will certainly remove your work anytime you request; however, once the post goes public, a refund won’t be issued.

Why does it take up to 2 weeks before your work goes public on Zuri?

A part of Zuri’s success is the timing of posting. I don’t post randomly. There are a lot of behind the scenes strategies to follow, as I learned in this Grow Your Audience class here:
And coming soon is my mini-course titled, Create an Engaging and Rewarding Page in 5 Steps. I share everything that has worked to help Zuri grow. I think you’ll love it 🙂

Scheduling posts is an art and science. I have to consider the time of the day, special events happening in the world, other posts for the same day, art style, repetition and so on. Once I’ve found a satisfactory spot for your work, I will email you the day and time that your post will go live.

How to become a Featured Zuri Artist

1) Use this form to send a link to your artwork. (Optional: specify the art title that you would like posted.)
Or, you may send me a message on Facebook.
2)If your art is a good fit for Zuri, you will receive an invoice of $25 per posting spot ($25 per photo that you will like posted)
$50 reserves you 2 spots, and so on.

3)After payment, I will notify you of the date and time that your work will be posted.

At this time I can only post work that is similar to the overall community of Zuri Art & Gardens. Just browse through the Facebook page and you’ll predominately find art work that is family friendly, features women and children, and people of African or Black ethnicity.
The spirit of Zuri is uplifting art with a sense of empowerment, beauty, peace and healing.

This is a Judgement-Free Process

Please know that the art I choose is not based on my personal judgements or the quality of your work. I am not a trained artists, art teacher or anything of the sort. I make social media posts based on what followers and Facebook’s algorithm have responded to for the past 4 years.

For example, if your work is still life and not of humans, it will be tough getting the attention of Zuri’s followers. Thus, if I can’t post the exact image you want, it’s possible that you may have other work that can be posted.
I will do my best to browse through your link and see which images may fit into Zuri’s audience preference.

And if your work is not an exact fit, I recommend heading over to an AI platform and generating AI art. Zuri’s audience is raving for AI art at this time. Again, it’s not about my personal judgements but about the audience that I am committed to serving.

-Products related to children (such as books, hair accessories, clothing, dolls etc) also do well on Zuri. You’ll need an artistic type of photo to represent your work
-Nature and landscape is gaining ground on Zuri

I look forward to hearing from you!

Post comments, reviews, or questions in the comment section below. Thanks so much!

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