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AI Kitchen

I’m currently obsessed and in the mood for all things related to cottages! I guess it just comes with the Springtime territory. There are so many amazing cottage photos that are just darling and divine. What I usually would do is embed those images from Pinterest. And I will still do that until I get better at creating my own cottage images via AI.
But as for now, these AI kitchen cottages are pretty cute! I’ll keep working on getting a variety of all the details of fairytale cottage life.

This is so adorable. I love the green wooden wall and dishes on the shelf. One of my prompts to AI was “flowers in a window.”

Plants and flowers, cake, dishes, and blue cabinets:

No window but still lovely. Don’t try and figure out the food that AI puts together lol

This one is a bit too fancy and modern for the small simple life that a cottage represents. But, I did ask AI for “large windows” so this is what we have and it’s still too beautiful to not post.

Same description as the photo directly above:

More large windows!

A mix of modern and old time:

Still on the “too fancy” side but has enough cottage appeal because of the old-time cabinets, mason jars, and flowers:

Definitely back to an old time feel, even though this window looks like a bathroom window:

Some of our Springtime Designs to Honor Mother Nature

Garden Cottage Art Print

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